(Use arrow keys to play and if you're not sure what to do next, interact with sprites or any animated areas.) An adventure game where players get to plant a garden while learning about America's food apartheid problem and how to mitigate it. Guerrilla gardening alone cannot repair our country's food system, but it is one community based way to help. The following links provide further informations and exciting forms of direct action and mutual aid. 


--> "Justice Bill Would Transfer Up To 32 Million Acres To Black Farmers"

--> Important distinction between 'food desert' and 'food apartheid'

--> Crime Pays, But Botany Doesn't: "Tony Santoro's Guide to Illegal Tree Planting"

--> Mandela Worker Owned Grocery Co-Op in Oakland

--> "Hunger Amidst Plenty: Food Assistance in Farmworker Communities"

--> San Diego's Good Neighbor Gardens

--> "The Untold History of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)"

Music is Kava Kava Root by MF DOOM. 

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TagsFarming, food-apartheid, Gardening, social-justice


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very cool to simulate the real ewperience of gg to plant the seed lol very inspiring!

thanks so much! i am glad you liked it. 

Great game, it's such non-sense that people can just sit on land and make stuff like this illegal. Improve the community!

glad u liked it squidwitch!! <3

this game is so smart! thanks I never knew this was a real issue until now, proves that this game really educates ppl :)


That is great to hear. I am so glad you learned something!


This was amazing!! Yes!!! Get out there and grow some delicious food! I started growing food two years ago and I love it so much. I'm more health conscious in my diet and in my life, and I love sharing with my friends and neighbors. Growing is such a fulfilling experience.

This is such an important message right now. Recently, here in New Orleans, Master P just announced that he is going to open a grocery store and is looking for local black farmers and distributors to work with. Small community gardens have popped up all over the city in recent years. It's such a positive change.


Omg thank you for the love and for sharing that! The way agriculture works in the US rn is so silly and we should really work to decentralize it and eat locally, that's so sick abt Master P <3

Amazing game with a critical message!!! Thank you for spreading the word of food injustice and turning more folks towards gardening!!!


thank u for playing it! 💕💐🪱


Thanks for the game!

I liked how simple it is and straightforward with its message. It's like watching an informational video essay on YouTube, but interactive. We need more agitational games like this!

Also, Bitsy seems like a perfect fit for this purpose.


aww thanks so much! it’s the first game I’ve ever made, but I really like bitsy as an accessible platform for sharing important information. I hope to make more soon!!!

A fantastic game with some incredible resource links! Beautiful music and really nice work with your palettes and sprites! Didn't realize at first where to go from the second page, but figured it out after a bit. Love the feel of community throughout the writing. Thank you for making this :)

yay i am glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate the feedback too <3